Aug 1, 2009

The truth about Walmart

I will do just about anything to avoid going to Walmart. I hate everything about it. The employees, the people who shop there, the merchandise, and most of all, the low prices. Walmart is the poster child of American arrogance and ignorance. Screw the environment and open green space, as long as we can park our prick cars in their huge, hot parking lot, shop, then eat at the McDonald's inside, then take our fat kids to the integrated arcade, then we're happy.

Yesterday I had no choice but to go inside hell's armpit to see if they had something that no other store in the area had. Luckily, I didn't find it, which made the trip short. But then I realized why I hate Walmart so badly: Seeing the people in Walmart is like seeing yourself at your worst, and that scares the non-retarded portion of the human race. You see what you would look like if you started smoking, stopped washing your hair, parked on your lawn, didn't spay/neuter your animals, and had 6 kids with 6 different people.

Moral of the story: If you think you've hit rock bottom, go to Walmart and you'll see that you haven't.