Apr 12, 2009

Nobody cares

This Facebook and Twitter thing has gotten out of hand. I'm considering dropping half of my "friends" from Facebook because I'm so sick about every petty stupid detail about their lives. Seriously, people, are you so lame and pathetic that you have to update your Facebook status to let everybody know that you're making dinner? How about you just make the freaking dinner? And if you really are that pathetic, then you're probably making a dinner that is just as pathetic, like mac and cheese or Hot Pockets or something.

Nobody cares:
- how many hours you worked this week.
- that you baked pie this afternoon.
- that you think something is "yummy" (a word that should be banished from the English language).
- that you're a great humanitarian and donated blood and a kidney today.
- that your baby won't go to sleep. Maybe the kid won't go to sleep because it keeps hearing the clatter of your computer keys as you update your status to say that your kid won't go to sleep.

And another thing: The open-ended status updates that you people come up with to beckon a response from all your friends. Example: "John Doe is feeling sad." Oh, too bad. Maybe you should get a job and not spend all your time on social networks. I already dropped one dude as a friend because he changed his name on Facebook every day to some stupid anagram of his own name. If he had put half as much effort into something useful then he'd probably be a very rich man.