Oct 28, 2010

Her TV

She admitted something very odd to me:  One of these

to her is like one of these

to me.  Seriously.  We bought one at Costco a couple days ago.  Remote control, timer, eco-mode, automatic temperature control, automatic overheating sensor, side-to-side sweeping.  She was in heaven.  And I was only out $39.

Oct 10, 2010

House vs. compound

A thought occurred to me today, and now all I have are questions.  The question is:  Why do some houses get called compounds?

Do you need to have a lot of guns in a basement?
Does it have to have a fence?  Does the fence need to be a certain height?
Does the FBI have to surround your place before it can be an official compound?
Does something really horrible or illegal have to happen?
Does it have to be in Texas or Florida?
Does the oldest male occupant need to have a long beard?

So many questions.