Aug 16, 2010

Hipsters 101

Hello. It's Di again, and no, I'm not taking over this blog. I guess I just have so much to say and I must say it here to avoid starting my own blog and thus set the wheels in motion for the Apocalypse. Or maybe I just want you all to have something new to read since I am certain you have been just dying for a new post. I mean, come on Redd! (click the link, it's hilarious).

I have had a lot on my mind lately when it comes to the topic of Hipsters. As Redd and I were discussing them one day (yes, we have discussed Hipsters on more than one occasion), I came to the conclusion that Hipsters are just country-fied, more colorful and pretentious Emos, and I mean that lovingly. Case in point:

Emo boy (left), girl (right)
Hipster boy and girl

Emo with glasses

Hipster with glasses

There are some obvious similarities there right? Yes, Hipsters love to wear flannel, wool, straw hats, scarfs, boots and mustaches, but like their Emo ancestors, they also dress in remnants of the 80s/60s and have a flare for dramatic, yet dead-in-the-eyes poses. Then there's the wide rim black/white/pastel glasses...shudder.

So, there you have it. Next time you are at a Fall Out Boy concert (and I hope you never are), you will know that those kids around you are Emos. You will never be able to see true Hipsters at a concert because their favorite singers have a) been dead for 20 years or b) are so obscure that they don't actually exist.